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What is Swiss Label?

The crossbow, the emblem of Swiss Label, is over 3,000 years old. Not only is the crossbow known all over the world, it also evokes the tale of William Tell. The Schweizer Woche association was founded in 1917, with the crossbow as its emblem. This marked the birth of Swiss Label. In 1972, the association merged with the Central Office for the Swiss Mark of Origin to form the Armbrust-Schweizerwoche. This was renamed Swiss Label in 1989. Towards the end of the 20th century it was threatened with extinction, as membership declined rapidly to around 100. It is to the great credit of then-member of the National Council Bruno Zuppiger, who has since passed away, that Swiss Label re-emerged with new vigour. In 2003 Zuppiger took over the presidency, the management was handed over to the Swiss Trade Association (SGV), and Swiss Label was on the up from that point onward. It fittingly celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2017.

Swiss Label can boost the profile of quality Swiss products and services both at home and abroad. Its crossbow trademark highlights Switzerland’s identity as an important and globally active export country. Our brand also fosters an awareness of origin and quality among buyers and consumers of goods and services of Swiss origin. The association’s primary aim is to establish the crossbow brand as an indicator of quality work across Switzerland and make it known as a widely recognised market-leading label.

At Swiss Label, we believe that making a commitment outside our association is also important. For this reason, Swiss Label will continue to expand its social commitments in order to make a contribution to society. Swiss Label’s trademark is the crossbow – a symbol that imparts recognition value. And the crossbow is more than just a symbol: Swiss Label is also the official main sponsor of the Federal Crossbow Shooting Association and thus supports a sport rich in tradition.
Swiss Label is also an official sponsor of PluSport, the specialist institute for sports for the disabled in Switzerland. As an umbrella organisation, PluSport promotes sport among people with disabilities, from grassroots to elite level, with the aim of integration and inclusion. Thank you for letting us make a difference.


What Swiss Label stands for

More Swiss quality together with our members and consumers.


through the Swiss Label brand


like tradition and a down-to-earth approach in practice


for greater Swiss quality.


with the crossbow trademark


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