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Renaissance du coucou en mode fun 

Martino D'Esposito and Alexandre Gaillard, two childhood friends who now teach at the famous Ecal in Renens, are creatively reinventing cuckoo clocks. Together, they have given wings to around 15,000 clock birds over the past 10 years.

To the exciting member portrait, published in the Journal des arts et métiers jam (only available in French).

Find out more about Swiss Koo: Company website


Innovation that drives progress 

CreaTor AG is successfully making its way in the industry with a great deal of expertise, unique creativity and flexibility. From simple garage doors to nuclear bomb-proof bunker doors – the SME from Uetendorf has a customised solution for everything. The door specialist guarantees uncompromising quality as a core value thanks to the Armbrust label.

To the exciting member portrait, published in the Schweizerische Gewerbezeitung sgz (only available in German).

Find out more about CreaTor AG: To the company website


Book presentation

Ruedi Lustenberger likes people and loves his hometown of Romoos in the Bramboden area. In his first book, “De Reinek und de Schryber”, the President of Swiss Label paints a portrait of 66 original personalities from the beautiful Napf region.

“De Reinek und de Schryber”, ISBN978-906832-34-0 can be obtained from Entlebucher Medienhaus, 6170 Schüpfheim – go to the shop. The book is only available in German.

Il libro è disponibile solo in tedesco. 




New managing Director

Mirjam Voser, long-time Chief Financial Officer of Swiss Label, will take over the sceptre from Mikael Huber on 1 July 2023. The finances and management of the company will then be in the same hands. 


Congratulations to our new honorary members 

Honorary members were elected at the General Meeting for the first time in the history of Swiss Label. Honorary membership is awarded to people who have rendered outstanding services to our association. We would like to pass on our warmest congratulations to our first three honorary members!

Sigrid Sutter: former Vice-President and Quality Assurance Manager

Ruedi Horber: former Managing Director

Urs Wyler: former Head of Finance

To the photo gallery: Link


Review of the 2023 General Meeting

The 106th General Meeting of Swiss Label is already over for another year. Interesting discussions with our participating member companies represented the highlight of the occasion, as is the case every year.

Read more in the Schweizerische Gewerbezeitung sgz: Link 


Review of the event with the Swiss crossbow association EASV

A joint event organised by Swiss Label and the Swiss crossbow association EASV took place in Steinhausen in the canton of Zug on 26 May 2023. After a delicious aperitif, members enjoyed a demonstration by the national squad and were then able to try their hand with the high-precision sports equipment themselves. 

The event with William Tell’s “weapon” was a resounding success.

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Swiss Label is new shingle sponsor of HG Balzenwil

What the shingle is for the nous, the crossbow is for the arrow. United by quality, a sense of tradition and down-to-earthness, we are pleased to announce that Swiss Label will be the official shingle sponsor of the Hornussergesellschaft Balzenwil this year.

In addition to the Swiss Crossbow Association, Swiss Label is thus supporting another sport that is unique to Switzerland. In the future, the Swiss Label logo will adorn around forty pieces of the club's playing equipment. We hope that the label with the crossbow will bring luck to the team and wish the Hornussergesellschaft Balzenwil a successful season!

For more information check out the website:

Cooperation with

It is a fact that Swiss quality is very popular both at home and abroad. This year, Swiss Label is entering into a cooperation with so that our members and, above all, the high-quality products or services can also be strengthened abroad.
 The online platform was created by and is an independent Swiss marketing and export platform where companies can offer their products for sale.

Exclusively for Swiss Label, has opened a separate category of the highest Swiss quality on its platform. Here, only Swiss Label members may offer their products and services for sale abroad. takes care of the marketing of the products and the shipping. Offering products or services on the website is also free of charge.

True to the motto "One for all - All for one", thus promotes the distribution of high-quality products, which generates important added value not only for Swiss Label but also for our members. We are pleased to offer you such an opportunity to make your product or service better known abroad.

Click here for the website :

Cooperation with ZT Fachmessen AG

Swiss Label is pleased to announce that we are entering into a cooperation with ZT Fachmessen AG for 2022. Every year, our cooperation partner organises four trade fairs on the topics of building, living and modernisation. Our members can present their products and services at the fairs at special rates.

Official sponsor of the crossbow

Swiss Label is the official sponsor of the Swiss Federal Crossbow Shooting Association. We are supporting a sport steeped in history and tradition – what better way to represent our brand!


Swiss Label promotes PluSport

We are pleased to announce that Swiss Label is an official sponsor of PluSport in 2021. PluSport is a specialist institute for sports for the disabled in Switzerland. 
As an umbrella organisation, PluSport promotes sport among people with disabilities, from grassroots to elite level, with the aim of integration and inclusion. Thank you for letting us make a difference.

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