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The most frequently asked questions about Swiss Label or membership

The trademark may only be used for products that have been obtained, manufactured or sufficiently processed in Switzerland. The provisions of the Trademark Protection Act (MSchG) of 21 June 2013 (SR 232.11) are authoritative, namely Articles 48 to 48d MSchG, which define the criteria for assessing the Swiss origin of natural products, foodstuffs and industrial products. To use the trademark, the following requirements concerning the minimum proportion of products of Swiss origin – which are more stringent than those of the MSchG – must be observed: 

  • For foodstuffs (except milk and milk products) within the meaning of Art. 48b MSchG, at least 90 per cent of the weight of the raw materials; 
  • For other products and in particular industrial products within the meaning of Art. 48c MSchG, at least 70 per cent of the manufacturing costs. 

The Swiss Label member must also be based in Switzerland. It can also be a Swiss subsidiary of a foreign parent company.

About 3 to 4 weeks. The application is examined by the office in the first place. The Board then decides on admission.

Once you are a member with us, a certificate will be issued to prove your membership. You will receive the certificate in paper form and by e-mail.

Members are entitled to use the trademark in registered and stored form on products and their packaging, in catalogues, brochures, operating instructions, forms of all kinds, printed matter and in advertising as they wish (especially in the form supplied by Swiss Label, as stickers, self-adhesive labels or electronically, etc.).

It must be made clear to the customer which products are certified and which are not.

As soon as you are accepted as a member, you will receive an order form for our products. The electronic logos will also be sent directly to you.

Swiss Label monitors and checks the lawful use of the trademark, including with periodic and spot checks. This includes its annual quality assurance visits to certain companies, which are selected at random.

The amount depends on the annual turnover of the company (see table in the user agreement).

The membership fee is invoiced once a year. The payment period is 30 days.

As a start-up, you are in the “up to CHF 1 million” turnover category. Your membership fee is therefore CHF 360. After one year, you inform us of your actual turnover.


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